Nestled within Costa Rica’s Monteverde region, the hanging bridges in Monteverde offer visitors a unique way to experience the cloud forest canopy. These suspended bridges provide access to one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems. The cloud forests in Monteverde are home to an array of mammals, insects, and amphibians as well as over 2,500 plants and 400 different bird species. As visitors traverse these bridges, the sights and sounds of the forest are immersive. We’ll share with you the best-hanging bridges (and ziplines too!) in Monteverde that promise an unforgettable adventure in Costa Rica. If you’re looking for the best stays in Monteverde jump here.

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Hanging Bridges in Monteverde

Treetopia Park (formerly Sky Adventures)

This is our favorite stop to experience the best hanging bridges and ziplining in Monteverde. 

A quick note on naming

Sky Adventures operates various eco-adventure parks in Costa Rica, and recently changed ownership and naming to Treetopia for the Monteverde location. 

What’s unique about these hanging bridges?

Treetopia offers Sky Walk a unique two-loop circuit experience with six hanging bridges. The hanging bridges at Sky Walk provide visitors with a chance to observe the rich biodiversity of the cloud forest, including a variety of plant and animal species. This park has the longest hanging bridge in Costa Rica at 774 feet (236 meters). The two-loop feature is nice for families with young children or others with mobility concerns as you can experience a portion of the trail or the entire 1.7 miles (2.7km) in two-loops. We like this park because it’s at a high enough altitude to get great views of the cloud forest but low enough for more wildlife sightings.

What else does the park offer?

In addition to the hanging bridges, Treetopia has ziplining (Sky Trek), and the only tram experience (Sky Tram)  in Monteverde. Those ziplining will take the tram to reach the higher lines but those visitors not ziplining but still wanting some great canopy views can also take the tram up and back down. There is a restaurant on-site, a gift shop, and a small kids’ play area indoors. We do recommend a 4WD vehicle as the road is unpaved with lots of potholes and is quite steep. There is shuttle transportation from the surrounding area for an additional fee.

Learn more about Treetopia 

Kids ziplining Monteverde
Our kids ziplining at Treetopia in Monteverde

Selvatura Adventure Park

Selvatura Park has some of the most impressive hanging bridges in Monteverde and is found at the highest elevation point within the cloud forest (5250 feet in elevation or 1600 meters). This makes for great views but can be more difficult to get to and can mean less wildlife spotting.

What’s unique about these hanging bridges?

This park boasts a 1.9-mile Treetop Trail network of suspension bridges that provide visitors with a chance to explore the upper levels of the cloud forest. The bridges vary in length, with the longest one spanning about 560 feet (170 meters). There are eight bridges connecting this immersive experience allowing visitors to witness the flora and fauna from a different perspective. They also offer a history tour option when visiting the hanging bridges.

What else does the park offer?

This park offers other attractions such as ziplining canopy tours, butterfly and hummingbird gardens, an insect museum, a sloth habitat, and hiking trails. There is also a restaurant onsite that offers a traditional Costa Rican lunch.

Selvatura Park is at the highest elevation point in Monteverde, about 15 minutes from Monteverde’s main town, Santa Elena, and on the same road as Treetopia but 8 min further drive. We do recommend a 4WD vehicle as the road is unpaved with lots of potholes and is quite steep. This park offers a free transportation service when booking a tour or hike otherwise they have a small charge per person.

Check times and rates for visiting here.

These tours are great options if you need transportation or would like a guide to experience more wildlife.

100% Aventura

100% Aventura is a popular adventure park in Monteverde, Costa Rica, known for its ziplining and other outdoor activities. 

What’s unique about this park?

While the main attraction at 100% Aventura is its zipline canopy tour, there is also a hanging bridge tour. This park differs in that it includes a naturalist guide with the hanging bridge entrance fee to the park so you can get more history and wildlife spotting. There are eight hanging bridges along a 2-mile (3 km) hiking trail. The wildlife viewing here is also especially good for night tours as there is a reforested area that serves as a passing area for wildlife. 

What else does the park offer?

The zipline experience at 100% Aventura is often highlighted for its length and height, offering participants breathtaking views of the cloud forest landscape. They offer 10 ziplines, a hammock bridge, a rappel experience, and a Tarzan swing. These are all great ways to experience the unique ecosystem of Monteverde.

Learn more about 100% Adventura’s hanging bridges and tours.

100% Aventura

El Tigre Waterfalls and Hanging Bridges in Santa Elena

El Tigre Park can be found about 30 minutes north of the town of Santa Elena. There are two entrances to reach this park. The preferred entrance is off Monte de los Olivos and does not require 4WD but the second entrance is off Las Nunes Road and does require 4WD.

What’s unique about this park?

This park offers a scenic trail hike of 3 miles (5km) downhill and along the way, you will experience ten hanging bridges, four mid-sized waterfalls, and beautiful scenery. There are swimming opportunities along the way so wearing a swimsuit and closed-toe hiking sandals is best. Then the last 1.8 miles there are horse or Jeep options to transport you back up the hill. Great opportunities for wildlife spotting and bird watching.

What else does the park offer?

Although this park doesn’t offer traditional ziplining it does offer a unique bicycle zipline experience. For those looking for an adrenaline rush this is sure to impress. Glide above the cables and take in the cloud forest views while you cross over a river. The tour begins with a Safari Jeep ride followed by a short .18 mile (300 meter) hike to the starting place. 

They also offer a restaurant with panoramic views to relax after adventuring.

Learn more here

Book a guided tour, lunch, and transportation 

El Tigre Bike Ziplining

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

This conservation area is a renowned eco-tourism destination in Costa Rica. Although there is only one hanging bridge here it is still impressive so it’s included.

What’s unique about this park?

Visitors to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve can explore a network of 8 miles (13km) of well-maintained trails through Monteverde’s cloud forest ecosystem. While hiking, catch a view at the continental divide, this viewpoint is called “La Ventana” (the window), where visitors can see the Pacific Ocean side of the country to the left and the Caribbean Ocean side to the right. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve waterfall is another top sight not to miss.

What else does the reserve offer?

There are educational programs, guided tours with naturalists, and birdwatching opportunities available. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is popular among scientists for its high biodiversity and vast array of plant and animal species. This reserve focuses on nature conservation and provides a more natural experience compared to the other adventure parks with hanging bridges. 

They also offer simple lodge accommodations and meals onsite. 

Learn more

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
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Other Activities in or near Monteverde

Monteverde and Santa Elena offer other adventure activities such as canopy tours, ziplining, horseback riding, and nature walks.  The area has many great nature reserves for hiking, night tours, and wildlife viewing. Most of these attractions don’t require advance reservations. While not specifically featuring hanging bridges, these activities allow visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and adventure the Monteverde region offers.

The Original Canopy Tour provides ziplining canopy tours, rappelling, and climbing inside a ficus tree. There are also some hanging bridges here.

Santa Elena Cloud Forest – this reserve does not have hanging bridges but has great trails to experience the cloud forest that is less crowded than some of the others.

Children’s Eternal Rainforest – this protected area is maintained by the Monteverde Conservation League (MCL) and has great trails and wildlife viewing. They also offer a unique option to stay overnight at one of the forest’s two biological stations.

Curi Cancha has a great balance of birds and mammals to explore within this large reserve.

Valle Escondido Nature Reserve offers great night tours, sunset views, and a hotel and restaurant onsite.

While not right in Monteverde another great park in nearby La Fortuna is Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park. If you’ll be visiting both areas check out our Things to Do in La Fortuna as well as a Guide to Rio Celeste.

Map of Hanging Bridges in Monteverde

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Frequently Asked Questions for Visiting Monteverde

Where is the best place to stay in Monteverde?

Most of the accommodations found in and near Monteverde will be rustic, lodge-style stays. The surrounding area around Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is considered Monteverde but the main town is Santa Elena. Accommodations within the town of Santa Elena will be small-budget hotels and are good if you don’t have a vehicle. There is one main road Route 620 that runs from Santa Elena and includes more lodge options within the natural cloud forest setting that are great. We include a variety of stays below.

Senda Monteverde Hotel

Cloud Forest Lodge by Böëna

Cabañas La Montaña

Quality Cabins Monteverde

Selina Monteverde

Finca Terra Viva Lodge

Terra Viva Farmstead in Quesada

What is a cloud forest?

Cloud forests are typically found in tropical regions where the clouds intersect the mountain range. These forests are rare and occur within tropical or subtropical mountainous environments, where the conditions in the atmosphere allow for a consistent cloud cover. Climate change has had a big impact on Monteverde and poses a great risk to the cloud forest. Models suggest that the cloud coverage will be reduced, and as a result, temperatures will rise. This could cause the forests’ water cycle to change and potentially dry up.

Do I need a guide to visit a hanging bridge in Monteverde?

You do not need a guide for most hanging bridge parks in Monteverde. Most trails are well-marked and are not difficult to navigate. A guide can be great for more wildlife spotting as well as learning more about the history of the hanging bridges, cloud forests, and parks you’re visiting. You can book a guide often when booking entrance tickets through the park’s main site or you can also find guides through Viator. 100% Aventura Park includes a guide with the entrance ticket.

What do I need to bring when visiting hanging bridges or ziplines?

If you’re only doing the hanging bridges then clothing appropriate for the weather that day. It can be cooler in Monteverde so have a long sleeve layer with a rain jacket if rain is forecasted. Closed-toe sandals (we like Keens) or athletic shoes are best for ziplining and also work great for hiking the hanging bridges. A belt bag that goes across the chest or waist is great if you want to bring a phone or small camera ziplining for in-between rides.

How long should I plan for when visiting the hanging bridges in Monteverde?

Most visits to Monteverde hanging bridges can take about two hours but more time should be added if you’ll be ziplining or adding on additional hiking.

What are the best restaurants in Monteverde?

Most restaurants can be found in the town of Santa Elena and along Route 620.

Tree House Restaurante – right in Santa Elena, it’s set in a treehouse and has live music along with casual food.

El Sapo Restaurant & Bar – gourmet restaurant found within the Senda Hotel, with great views and food.

Stella’s Monteverde – great breakfast and lunch spot in a beautiful garden setting where birds and sometimes monkeys visit.

Kapi Kapi restaurant – family-run restaurant, with Costa Rican cuisine with great drinks and views. 

How do the hanging bridges in Monteverde compare to La Fortuna?

There are great hanging or suspension bridges in both locations but we like them better in Monteverde. It’s such a great way to experience the cloud forest and there are other activities to do in La Fortuna that Monteverde doesn’t have like volcano hikes. We think the views are more impressive in Monteverde for exploring the hanging bridges as well as ziplining but you really can’t go wrong doing these activities in either location. 

Is seeing wildlife common when visiting the hanging bridges?

You have a better chance to see wildlife if you go in the early morning or with a guide. The cloud forest can be dense and can make it difficult to spot wildlife on your own but it is possible. Within the cloud forest monkeys, hummingbirds, sloths, and even the Resplendent Quetzal can all be spotted.

How to find the Monteverde Ficus Root Bridge?

This is a very special and unique “bridge” found in Monteverde. Search for “Ficus La Raiz” on Google Maps to find it. Learn more here.

In conclusion, the hanging bridges in Monteverde, Costa Rica, offer a unique way to experience the beauty and biodiversity of the cloud forest. Whether you’re exploring the treetops or spotting wildlife, visiting these hanging bridges promises an unforgettable adventure. If you visit let us know which is your favorite. Follow us on Instagram and check out our Costa Rica saved story highlights.

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