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Hiking The Narrows in Zion National Park, Utah

Hello! I’m Shelly with Almost There Adventures. My husband and I have three kids, twin boys who are 7 years old and a 12-year-old daughter. We love unique travel experiences, stays, and adventures. We know what it’s like to only have limited time-off work for family vacations and want to make it count with memorable experiences. 

Our journeys are filled with unforgettable experiences and we love to share them with you. We’ve played hide-and-go-seek with our kids in the Ruthven Barracks in Scotland, explored the black beaches and wild horses in Iceland, canoed and camped in the most remote areas of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in MN, and visited 20 US national parks. Our goal is to make it to all 63 national parks by the time our youngest two graduate!

Prior to Covid, we traveled all over the world with our kids. It has been important to us that our kids experience different cultures and outdoor experiences. With Covid-19, we’ve improvised and found our plan B. That has led us to road trips with longer, slower travel while working and schooling from the road. We’ve focused on the US national parks and lots of outdoor adventures.

Our family was featured in a story from the CBS Chicago affiliate station on this topic last fall you can view here.

It’s also important to us to travel responsibly and sustainably for the environment. We care greatly about protecting our planet and are committed to giving carbon offsets when we fly as well as leaving no trace when we hike or camp. We love to support brands that care about our planet.

Travel planning can be time-consuming, Almost There Adventures was started to help you make unforgettable outdoor travel experiences. We can’t wait to hear about your travel adventures!

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